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Configure your own design

How to do it?

How do you design and order your equipment?

At the very beginning choose the product you wish to order (Catch Glove, Blocker, Leg Pads). Click on the button and get into the design configuration. Fill in all required data in the application interface. Then just let your fantasy work, play with colors and create a combination according to your imagination. After you finish, make a Print Screen, and save it in your computer. Add your goods to the shopping cart by using the button “Add to the Cart” It does not matter if you add your goods in the Cart before or after you make your configuration. You upload your Print Screen to your order when you are in the Shopping Cart window. You can only upload one Print Screen, if there is a reason for sending more than one, please use our e-mail info@m4hockey.com and state your order no. in the subject. The Order no. you receive on your email after finishing your order.

How to make a Print Screen?

Make sure you have on your screen fully visible the whole window among blue lines.
Cannot see them? Use CTRL key + mouse wheel (cmd key and +/- key for MAC) to enlarge or reduce the visible window, so that you could see the whole content among the blue lines.
So push the button “Go To Shopping Cart”, fill in required data, upload the print screen and make your payment. We will continuously inform you about your order status via e-mail.


If you want to configure your own design, open this page on device with higher resolution.

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