Who are our products for?

The quality of materials used and the craftsmanship is intended for use at the top professional level. The products have no safety limits of use.

How long does it take to receive the goods?

Handmade and measure made production takes several weeks. Then it depends on the address for shipping, but you should receive the goods within 2 months since the binding order.

Do we ship abroad?


Are the prices of white compared to any other color combination different?

No, compared to our competition, our pices reamin the same for white as well as for any other color configuration.

Where are M4G produced?

We produce all our products entirely at the seat of our company in Ostrava-Třebovice (CZ). Thus we can constantly control the quality of materials and the production.

How should I maintain M4G products?

Our products do not require any special maintenance. There exist several tips, that can help you extend the durability of your equipment:
Do not use tumble dryers (or e.g. haidryers)
Correct placement in the sports bag. The products should be placed so that other pieces of equipment could not deform them with their dimensions or weight..
The equipment should be kept freely at open ventilated place between the training units to make it dry naturally.
In case of mechanical damage (skate cut) have the equipment repaired at authorized service.

    How can I get to know about the status of my order?

    We will e-mail you at any change of your order status. First we confirm your order, then we inform you as soon as it is finished. In case of any questions concerning your order, do not hesitate to e-mail us.

    Can I return M4G products?

    Any M4G products without nicknames or other types of personal signs can be replaced or returned within 30 days from delivery. We refund the goods that is unused and in original packing.
    For refund or return please use the address:

    M4G HOCKEY s.r.o.
    Třebovická 5080/41
    Ostrava-Třebovice 722 00
    Czech Republic

    Once the goods arrives (with all refund conditions fulfilled), we send your money back, or send new goods, according to agreement.

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