Dimensions: IIHF dimensions rules compatible
Catcher shape: Double T
Inner padding material: Full grip palm surface
Palm fixing system: Three-point, adjustable inner padding for safe palm placement, safe strap.
Weight: 1028 g
Materials used: Polyurethane hide (PU), Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Nylon,
Number of components: 130
Size: Senior (SR) – Regular, Full right
Variants: Game ready, Pro-palm, Practice


Preparation and cut
Choosing material colors – According to the color configuration of your choice we prepare the materials in required colors, then we set the cutting knives on them. We do not cut all the pieces with scissors, we use the cutting press machine, then the parts are more precise. Some pieces, nevertheless, must still be cut with old good scissors.

Then we stick to the parts the foam suspending inserts and the material for extending the rupture durability (lining). Then we sew individual pieces together. Some parts of the product such as the front of the Catch Glove consist even of several dozens of pieces.

Preparation of inside foam and plastic
Every product has insert linings made of plastic, foams, or the felt. These inserts are meant to stop the impact of the puck and to spread the impact energy, to avoid its transmitting to the goalkeeper`s body. Every piece must be formed, cut or grinded in a required shape.

Completing the product
When all individual pieces are prepared, they are tied together with a 2,5 mm nylon string.

Final check
Every product passes a thorough processing and function quality check before the shipment to the customer.

This equipment can be yours, you just have to

This equipment can be yours, you just have to

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